Confidentiality is a key ingredient of successful psychotherapy. Even clients who have explicit trust in the psychologist are often uncomfortable with other factors, especially if they have a high profile in the community

Insurance companies require diagnoses and sometimes ask for clinical data to justify approving additional sessions. Contracting directly with an individual psychologist allows you to skip this layer of information sharing. The number of sessions with your psychologist should be determined by you, not an insurance employee.

Large group practices include many receptionists, secretaries and billing agents. This also infringes on privacy. When you call Dr. Evans you can leave a confidential voicemail message directly for him at anytime. You do not have to go through anyone else. Paying directly at the session eliminates the need for sending bills to your home or office through the mail. Notes from sessions are kept by Dr. Evans and not filed in a large office.

Even a waiting room can infringe on privacy. The office at the La Jolla Corporate Center allows you to leave through a private exit, which prevents you from running into the next client.

Your personal psychotherapy is a very private matter. You don’t want it treated the same way your sandwich order is shouted out at the deli.